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Reverse Mortgage Oregon

Thinking about getting a reverse mortgage in Oregon? You have come to the right place. We work with senior home owners throughout Oregon. We offer specialized knowledge, expert advice and accurate information on reverse mortgages. Call anytime with questions you have, 541-773-3131.

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Reverse Mortgage

Refinancing your home with a reverse mortgage allows you to gain access to the equity in your home without making monthly payments.

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Reverse Mortgage Purchase

Use a reverse mortgage to purchase a home. It can increase your purchasing power, allow you to put less money down or both.

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Questions and Answers

Have questions about getting a reverse mortgage? Our FAQ page has answers to the most commonly asked questions about reverse mortgages.

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Reverse Mortgage Myths

There is quite a bit of misinformation about reverse mortgages floating around out there. These are the most common myths we hear.

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Getting Ready To Retire in Oregon? How A Reverse Mortgage Can Help

I originally met with Tim (not his real name), age 64, in late 2015. He was curious about reverse mortgages; how they worked and if they might work for his situation. Tim was self-employed and wanted to start working less, […]

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